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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Envisioned a world without poles and power lines. Referred to as the greatest inventive genius of all time. He claimed that he had visions, that each time he had one of these visions, the whole thing just popped up in his mind like it was on a screen. This mental picture was so complete right down to the smallest detail. He could sort of see things before they happened. Tesla was 1000 years ahead of his time.

In his early school days, he solved complex problems in his head, without pencil and paper. His teachers suspected him of cheating, but young Tesla had actually memorized whole logarithmic tables!

In 1877 as a student, Tesla’s attention was first drawn to problems of the induction motor. His observation that a gramme dynamo that was being run as a motor in a classroom demonstration sparked badly between its commutator and brushes, this led him to suggest that a motor without a commutator might be devised.

In 1885 he teamed up with George Westinghouse who bought the rights of his AC dynamos, transformers, and motors. Tesla’s system triumphed to make possible the first large scale harnessing of Niagara Falls with the first hydroelectric plant in the United States in 1886.

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